Report of the Inter-university Caravan in Yambio-South Sudan by SOLE in the month of February 2021.

Students’ Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship (SOLE) is glad to successfully conduct and concluded a one month’s Inter-University Liberty Caravan in Yambio Western Equatoria State South Sudan.

Given the current COVID-19 environment, the event was organized in adherence to the national preventive protocol. The number was deliberately limited to minimize overcrowding. Social distancing was maintained by placing seats far from each other. The duration of the meeting was kept short to enable participants disperse in as short time as possible. Facemasks were made available for all participants at the entrance of the hall. 

The Inter University Liberty Caravan was supported by both Network For a Free Society and Atlas Network. The Inter University Caravan aimed at introducing students in two universities to classical liberal concepts such as democracy, tolerance, market economy, individual liberty, entrepreneurship and rule of law.   Also to introduce them to the work of SOLE.  Each university was visited by SOLE every week for the month of February 2021 where at least 22 students and 6 lecturers in each university attended the caravan meeting. By the end of the one month’s inter-university caravan, a total of 203 (96 females and 107 males) students including lecturers attended the programs.  Note that, SOLE was able to form a club with students from catholic University of South Sudan Yambio Branch to promote liberal ideas inside the university and beyond.

As a result of the Inter-University Caravan, many students have taken interest in learning more about the ideas of liberty as a means of fighting poverty while promoting human flourishing. As such the number of students visiting our office to read our books has increased by 1% and our facebook accounts has been liked by 319 and followed by 351 people from 210 and 300 respectively.

 A female participant gave her views on tolerance as a tool for peace. She said that, “We South Sudanese have hot tempers due to years of accumulated trauma as a result of conflicts in our country but I belief that if more young South Sudanese are trained on tolerance we can realize peace and prosperity in South Sudan.