3rd Cohort of the NET Program

Students’ organization for liberty and entrepreneurship with support from Cheetah project team of the Enactus of regent university, sensible school and Network for free society has been implementing new entrepreneurship training project in Yambio, as this course was designed for entrepreneur minded person to give him or her skills in starting and operating a small business. And also to guide them through the process of business planning starting from idea generation, business sustainability and success of the business.

On October to November 2021 Students’ organization for liberty and entrepreneurship conducted a training to 10 trainees where all the trainees were enrolled for the third cohort, students were able to turn up for the start of the training in the premises of students’ organization for liberty and entrepreneurship (SOLE) compound with high expectations.

Students’ organization for liberty and entrepreneurship was able to receive student  from  other counties of the state and country, who happens to be the first to get the training in those various locations.

New emails were created for the new students for the Certell app successfully and were installed in various devices for the NET program to run smoothly.

We successfully for the first 5 weeks achieved each activities assigned, completed the readings and watched all the related videos. Each week was taking 3 days for lessons and 2 days for Pre-qui and post-Quiz

Week 6 and 7 was devoted to developing business plan, and the participants were able to develop their business plans with consultation and monitoring from the tutor and the top management of SOLE and the process was done successfully before they graduated.

Lessons were successfully covered within the specified weeks as planned and the participants were able to interact with various business men as they continue in search for business ideas while doing their research and assignments.

Participants were able to do their assignment (Pre-quiz and post-quiz) on the certell app successfully during the training course.