“It isn’t ‘them or us,’ it’s ‘us and them’ or simply ‘we’.” lead to peaceful co-existence and prosperity

“It isn’t ‘them or us,’ it’s ‘us and them’ or simply ‘we’.” lead to peaceful co-existence and prosperity

Today, society seems more divided than ever. Talking with someone who holds an opinion different from our own has become a potential minefield to be avoided at all costs.

In South Sudan telling someone about who you are, is being avoided by many people in fear of being stereotyped alongside your tribal line. Hence hindering networking and meeting potential investors. This has created boundaries within the compatriots.

However, the opportunity for bridging these and other divides may be greater than we think.

SOLE believes that the majority of people actually hold similar views on the need to address a variety of issues – from strengthening our democracies, to addressing wealth disparity and inequality, to saving the planet from environmental ruin. In addition, we know that to address these and other issues effectively, we must be able to communicate with a broad array of individuals with different points of view and build consensus.

How do we encourage greater cooperation and collaboration in what can feel like an increasingly divisive world?

Finding common ground is not limited to external work. To achieve impact, SOLE and other Think Tanks work with need to understand one another’s priorities and goals. SOLE and the communities with whom they serve must be able to communicate openly and effectively.

As the saying goes, “It isn’t ‘them or us,’ it’s ‘us and them’ or simply ‘we’.”

SOLE confirms to the principle of a free and entrepreneurial society where every student/youth has the right to make life choices, act and behave in a manner that promote peaceful co-existence and prosperity. According to the ecological model we need all the layers to prosper, and if we palce boundaries then no individual liberty.

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