Free Markets Economics Symposium

Free Markets Economics Symposium

Students Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship is a local civil society operating in South Sudan since 2017. The Organization has been conducting a series of trainings, workshops and seminars in South Sudan especially in Western Equatoria State that educate and empower the youths/students on the benefits of free markets, capitalism, rule of law, property rights, free trade, Business skills and entrepreneurship and research.  We believe that we can transform South Sudan into a free, peaceful and prosperous nation with the youths central to our activities.

In September 15th 2022, Students Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship organized and conducted the first South Sudan Free Market Economics Symposium 2022 in Western Equatoria State Yambio with the aim of “Moving South Sudan towards a free, peaceful and prosperous nation”. There were 513 participants who comprised of students, academia, members from Civil Society organizations and government officials. This one day event helped the participants to be educated and shared ideas on why free market economics are important for the individual and economic advancement of South Sudan. During the symposium 50 books on Free Trade and Globalization and 50 copies of The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, a Free Market Odyssey and 10 copies of  Devine Economy Model to some influential individuals and Universities in South Sudan to enable them further their understanding on the subject matter of a free-markets and trade

This economic symposium was an opportunity for the people of South Sudan to participate and learn from the great teachers of the free-market, financial experts, CEOs of free market institutions, entrepreneurs from across the globe. The participants of this event had the chance to network and partner with likeminded people and institution to move South Sudan towards a free, peaceful and prosperous nation.

We would like to sincerely thank and appreciate our partners for supporting this symposium in whatever ways.

Participants at the Free Markets Economic Symposium 2022
Participants with books donated

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