Free Trade and Economic Development Summit 2023

Free Trade and Economic Development Summit 2023

SOLE on the 25th February, 2023 in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Western Equatoria State with support from Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity (IATP), Network for a Free Society (NFS) and Atlas Network organized a one day event named Trade and Economic Development Summit 2023 in the cosmopolitan city of Yambio in Western Equatoria State which has a great business potential due to its strategic location where it is able to trade with D. R Congo and Central African Republic. In recent years business has been booming in Yambio thus contributing to relative peace and improvement in the living standard of people in the State.

The event was attended by 611 business minded delegates drawn from the business community including Business Owners, Partners, Commercial Businesses, Government Departments, Business Registries and local Universities. It was an open forum for Capacity building and Capital attraction including the much-needed connections to benchmark and not only provide opportunities for the exchange of information but also allow for learning new business developments. The event provided hands-on professional networking to assist the businesses to promote growth and coordinate the exchange and integration of business services.

During the event 312 copies of Introduction to Trade and Globalization and 403 copies of The Devine Economy Model were distributed to participants for free who can read and write and also who showed interest in the book. The participants appreciated the program and called for more to be conducted to the business communities in South Sudan.

Participants attending the Free Trade and Economic Developemt Summit 2023 in Yambio South Sudan

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