News Update

News Update


The Students’ Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship (SOLE) in partnership with Enactus University of Regent chapter has launched a seven (7) week entrepreneurship training in Western Equatoria State Yambio South Sudan. Both SOLE and Enactus believe that investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all.

The overall objective of the Entrepreneurship training is to bring about a transformational change in unleashing the growth potential of micro and small-scale enterprises; transform livelihood through entrepreneurial skills development; and provide a comprehensive range of business advisory services. The program targets unemployed high school leavers, university students and the entire business community who are computer literate. The first batch of the program which was launched on the 2nd Nov. 2020 has ten (10) participants with 3 ladies and 7 gentlemen aged between 20 and 25. The students will attend a face to face lectures and submit their pre-tests and post-tests online. The students will thereafter in the sixth and seventh week of the program, will develop business plans based on the identified gap in the society that if fulfilled will drastically improve lives of people in South Sudan.  After a successful completion of the program, the students will graduate with a certificate.

SOLE is one of the think tanks in Yambio that trains, promotes and nurtures entrepreneurship and business talents among the youth as a means of improving their livelihood and individual prosperity. SOLE is also grateful to Whitaker office Yambio for allowed the entrepreneurship students to use their internet for submitting assignments and for the students to make their research.

Most young people in South Sudan lack what to do after finishing high school to be able to continue with their studies upto the university level and are not able to cater for their wellbeing as such they are susceptible to being lured into committing criminal or engage in unproductive activities. SOLE for the last three years has been conducting entrepreneurship and economic trainings to students in high schools and universities in Yambio. SOLE as well won the Shark Tank Think Tank Award for 2019 that supported a nine month program on promoting the rights of South Sudanese women to own private property and reduce the cultural barriers that do not allow women to own property. This project has helped tens of women to start various forms of businesses on their legally acquired pieces of land.

The 1st batch of New Entrepreneurship Training students-WES Yambio (2nd Nov. 2020)