Peace Program

Peace Program

  • Psychosocial Support (PSS)

We belief that If students and youth learn skills to manage trauma reactions that can drive conflict, as well as other conflict management skills then they will use these skills to support healing in their schools and communities, to improve their own and their neighbors’ ability to respond to conflict nonviolently, and to increase their ability to resist the incitement to fight

  • Mediation

We offer Capacity-building in meditative skills that will reduce reactivity, the polarization currently associated with tribal identification, and youth’s receptivity to recruitment to fighting forces

  • Dialogue

SOLE offers a platform and facilitate effective dialogue between conflicting parties for the sole purpose of promoting peaceful coexistence.

  • Conflict resolution and reconciliation

We offer conflict management skills and train the students to have the ability to contain violence and solve problems without violence. We also develop skills that enable community-level reconciliation

2.3- Peace keeping

SOLE trains the members of the public on peace keeping and maintenance skills through formation of peace committees, peace ambassadors, educative dramas, radio talk shows, sports and games.