Date: 10th Oct. 2019


Academic Liberty and Mentorship Seminar

The Students Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship (SOLE) is a body organized with the aim of mentoring society of all walks of life on a free society that matters in their daily lives.

The seminar was organized under the theme: “Promoting a Free, Peaceful and Prosperous Society in South Sudan”, facilitated by Mr. Mande Daniel, a former lecturer at MIKESE University and now a lecturer at St. John’s Catholic University in Yambio, South Sudan. Mr. Mande also doubles as Advisor to SOLE- South Sudan.


The seminar, slated for Friday, September 27, 2019 brought students from across four higher institutions of learning and they included: MIKESE University, St. John’s Catholic University, Yambio Institute of Management Studies and Solidarity Teachers’ Training College. Forty three students were in attendance.

The participants were very enthusiastic about the seminar that was tailored towards their respective needs. They were pursuing different disciplines in Health, Education, Public Administration, Business and Entrepreneurship, among others.

Topics Covered

The following were the topics covered in the three-hour seminar on career guidance:

  1. The principles of academic liberty
  2. Career and its definition
  • Career Decisions
  1. Career Planning Dilemma
  2. Lifetime Value of Education
  3. Hours Invested in Education
  • Why Motivating Youth is Difficult
  • Typical Resources Used to Pick a Career
  1. Career Planning Process

However, it is worth-noting here that the below were topics prepared but there was no ample time allotted to have them covered, but they were very vital for the consumption of the students:

  1. Career Exploration Process
  2. Self-Assessment
  • Personality
  1. Basic Areas of Interest
  2. Learning about Jobs
  3. Career Clusters
  • Career Information to Explore
  • Career Exploration Quiz

Expectations of Participants

The following were some of the expectations of the participants about the seminar

  1. Award of certificates
  2. More of the seminars to be organized
  • More time be given for each seminar


The following were vital observations about the seminar/participants

  1. Career guidance education is badly needed in schools and colleges
  2. Students in high schools need career guidance more than those already in higher institutes of learning, who have already chosen a career to pursue.
  • The participants were eager to ask many more questions and seek clarifications, yet there was no ample time for that.
  1. Other participants seemed to like their fellows’ disciplines, meaning that they did not like their own career choices.

Ways Forward

  1. SOLE must do enough to reach out to students on career guidance and mentorship programs
  2. SOLE should very much target high school students where choice of career is hugely needed
  • More ample time be allocated for each seminar, at least two full days programs be designed for this noble cause
  1. Students should be guided to choose a career that makes them proud and which they love to pursue.